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Due to COVID-19 all visits are now over the phone until futher notice.


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Endocrine Care

Weight Management

Diabetes Center

Endocrinology is constantly evolving. We bring the most advanced concepts of the science of endocrinology to the daily clinical practice in order to help our patients live healthier, more fulfilling, creative, and longer lives.  Health is our ultimate goal.


Diabetes Center

Weight Management

Diabetes Center

Our mission is to provide state of the art, comprehensive, individualized care for patients with diabetes and their families.  We strive to cover all aspects of patient care including medical, physical, psychosocial, financial,  and educational needs.


Weight Management

Weight Management

Weight Management

With assistance from Cornerstone Wellness, we offer a comprehensive, medically-supervised weight management program led by our in-house dietitian educator.  This program can be modified to meet the needs of each individual patient.


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***scheduled appointment required***


A message to all of our patients regarding COVID-19:

The health of our patients and staff is very important to us.

Our office is now open to patients by appointment only to see Dr. Sergev or Erica Gunnells, FNP-BC.   We are still offering telehealth visits by phone for those patients that choose not to come in at this time.  Appointment also required for telehealth visit.   If you do not have an appointment scheduled you can call us at the office at 843-871-7979,  email us through this website, message us through our Facebook page or call our emergency back up number at 843-999-8659.  We appreciate your patience during this uncertain time and hope to see you soon.  Thank you!